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Main Movie Database

These movies are the main topic of an R-Rated Movie Club article.
Feature Presentation (FP) free access
Sunday Matinee (SM) free access
Bonus Content (BC*) paid subscribers
Movies are listed in alphabetical order:

A Few Good Men | SM14
A Simple Plan | FP5
Aliens | SM18
Bird Box | SM11
Blade Runner 2049 | SM12
Blazing Saddles | SM22
The Blues Brothers | FP1, BC1*, SM6, SM36
The Breakfast Club | SM29
Carrie | SM17
Cocaine Bear | FP3, BC3*
Deadpool | SM4, SM30
Election | SM33
Emily the Criminal | SM10
Evil Dead II | SM5
Frances Ha | SM8
Gladiator | SM3
Glory | SM15, SM20
Jackie Brown | SM26
Lady Bird | SM13
Life of Brian | SM23
Mad Max: Fury Road | SM37, SM38, SM39, SM40
The Matrix | SM2
Mother (1996) | SM28
Mother! (2017) | SM21
Nope | SM9
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles | SM27
Pulp Fiction | SM25
Reservoir Dogs | SM24
RoboCop (1987) | SM31
Ronin | FP2, BC2*
Sicario | SM7
The Shawshank Redemption | SM19
Stand By Me | SM16
Trading Places | SM32
Vacation | SM34
Witness | SM35

Movie Resources

Drew’s Script-O-Rama | The equally legendary and mysterious Drew has held down this little corner of the internet for almost 30 years. Don’t let the web 1.0 design fool you. You’ll find hundreds of scripts and transcripts for movies and TV shows here.

Internet Movie Database | IMDb is probably the most-extensive staff- and user-created database on the internet of movies, TV, and other related media. There are features and privileges for people with accounts - free or paid - but I haven’t used that. There’s plenty of free info, and Wikipedia tends to cover the rest.

Letterboxd | Keep track of the movies you’ve seen, create and share custom lists, write and read reviews, plan which movies you want to see someday, and make very pretty lists of movie posters. At some point I’ll create a Letterboxd of all of the movies I’ve seen. For now, I keep track of my R-rated movies (625+ and counting).

R-Rated Movie Mentions

These R-rated movies are mentioned in an R-Rated Movie Club article.
They usually appear as a comparison, poll option, creative artist biography, etc.
Movies are presented in alphabetical order:

Alien | SM2, SM4
Aliens | SM4
American Beauty | FP5
Analyze This | FP2
Blade Runner | SM12
Cape Fear | SM7, SM9, BC2*
Casino | FP2, BC2*
Cop Land | FP2, BC2*
The Conjuring | SM2, SM4
Deadpool | SM2, SM4
Deadpool 2 | SM2, SM4
The Deer Hunter | SM7, SM9, BC2*
Die Hard | FP2
Eyes Wide Shut | FP2
The Fan | FP2
Get Shorty | FP2
The Godfather Part II | SM7, SM9, FP2, BC2*
Goodfellas | FP2, BC2*
The Hangover | SM2, SM4
Heat | FP2, BC2*
The Irishman | SM7
Jackie Brown | FP2, BC2*
Lady Bird | SM21
Logan | SM4
Mad Max | FP5
The Matrix | SM2, SM4
No Country for Old Men | FP2
Out of Sight | FP2
Paul | SM19
Pulp Fiction | BC2*
Raging Bull | SM7, SM9
Reservoir Dogs | BC2*
The Road Warrior | FP5
Schindler’s List | FP5
The Shining | FP2
The Silence of the Lambs | SM9, FP2
Silver Linings Playbook | SM7, SM9
Sleepers | FP2
Sling Blade | FP5
Taxi Driver | SM7, SM9, BC2*
There Will Be Blood | FP2
The Terminator | SM2, SM4
Terminator 2: Judgment Day | SM4
The Untouchables | BC2*
Wag the Dog | FP2, BC2*

Other Movie Mentions

These other movies are mentioned in an R-Rated Movie Club article.
They usually appear as a comparison, poll option, creative artist biography, etc.
Movies are presented in alphabetical order:

2001: A Space Odyssey | FP2
The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle | FP2
Awakenings | SM7, SM9
Barbie | FP5
Ben-Hur | SM20
Blues Brothers 2000 | FP1
Captain America: Civil War | SM21
The Empire Strikes Back | BC2*
E.T. The Extraterrestrial | SM19
Ghostbusters | BC1*
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly | FP2
Harry Potter movies | SM8
Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny | BC2*
Inside Out | FP5
Interstellar | FP5
James Bond movies | FP2
Justified TV series | FP2
The King of Comedy | BC2*
Lord of the Rings | SM8, FP2
Meet the Parents | FP2
The Mission | BC2*
Mission: Impossible | FP2
North By Northwest | FP2
Puss in Boots: The Last Wish | SM11
Raiders of the Lost Ark | BC1*
Snow White | FP5
Spider-Man | SM21
Star Wars | FP1, SM8, BC2*, FP5
Touch of Evil | FP2
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? | FP5
The Wizard of Oz | FP5
X-Men | SM2, SM4

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